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Family Law, Divorce & Child Custody In Columbia, MD

We are the Family Lawyers You Can Trust

When you are going through a divorce or other family law matter, hiring an experienced attorney who has your interests in mind is of the utmost importance. Divorce can quickly become contentious and highly emotional, especially if children are involved. You will have to make many tough calls, such as who will retain custody of the children, how properties and assets will be divided, whether one of the spouses will be awarded any alimony, how any debts will be split, and the list goes on.


At the Spencer Law Group PLC, we have a team of experienced family lawyers on staff who are eager to help you with your case and defend your rights. One of the most important reasons you need to have one of our family lawyers representing you is we understand the court processes and all of its pitfalls. We deal with judges and opposing attorneys daily. We know all the processes, rules, and strategies to get the best results for you. And we promise to address every concern as it comes up so that you will not have to deal with recurring issues later due to careless oversight.


We are dedicated to providing the highest quality family law services to our clients. We will help you achieve the most favorable outcomes for your cases, and we are not afraid to be aggressive for you in the courtroom to ensure that your rights are upheld. Our areas of expertise include divorce, child custody and visitation, property and assets division, paternity law/parentage, premarital and post-marital agreements, mediation, collaborative law, enforcement of orders and modifications, and appeals.


We have the negotiation skills to secure you the best deals, no matter whether you are fighting for your fair share of property, alimony, or child custody. Contact us today in Columbia, MD to find out how we can protect you, your assist and your family.

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